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At some point in the lifetime your acoustic ceiling you are going to require some repair work and our team of professionals provide acoustic ceiling repair in Houston that is second to none. We’re here to assist you whether the repairs are for your home or you operate an office, school, hospital or any other location with an acoustic ceiling. Our experienced staff has decades of experience and can handle just about any job big or small.

Do You Need Acoustic Ceiling Repair?

Is your acoustic ceiling falling apart and looking like it’s been through a storm? It’s common to think you may need to have your ceiling replaced but you don’t always have to. We can often make your ceiling look like new again with our professional acoustic ceiling repair and cleaning services.

Acoustic Ceiling Repair Techniques

Acoustic ceilings are constructed by installing a grid system that hangs from the structures existing ceiling, also known as a drop ceiling. Acoustic ceiling tiles are then placed on the grid system creating a secure and attractive ceiling. Most commonly you may notice the acoustic ceiling tiles looking dirty or damaged. This can happen due to moisture from an AC unit, someone improperly moving them or many other reasons including old age. A couple of damaged tiles can easily be replaced but what if your entire ceiling is looking bad. In many cases we can repair the damaged areas of your acoustic ceilings grid system and give it that like new look.

Acoustic Ceiling Repair in Houston

If your acoustic ceiling has gotten so old and dirty that you think you have to replace it you need to call us for a free estimate. With the combination of our professional acoustic ceiling repair and cleaning services we’re confident you’ll be happy with the results. Not to mention the amount of money you’ll be saving by not having to replace your ceiling.

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